GitPlac.si is a publicly-accessible, but personal, self-hosted instance of the Gitlab software on 🇸🇮 slovenian network.

Used domain

GitPlac uses the gitplac.si domain. Automated emails are send from addresses gitlab@gitplac.si and noreply@gitplac.si. Domains gitpage.si and gitapp.si are also used for hosting Pages, and for deployment of select projects.

Platforms, functionalities and specifics

User accounts
Anyone can create their own account on GitPlac, which will be disabled upon signup until approved by an administrator. This setup is used to limit the possibility of abuse.
Most of the additional extenal services and functionalities, which require authentication, use the OpenID system which allows you to sign in with your GitPlac account - removing the need of having yet another account.
Static site hosting runs on a system called Gitlab Pages. Read more about it on the Pages subpage.
Prevajanje C++ projektov v binarne datoteke, pakiranje spletnih aplikacij v optimiziranje statične datoteke ali build-anje Docker kontejnerjev si lahko avtomatiziraš s sistemom CI/CD. Delo in konfiguracijo si lahko poenostaviš z uporabo posebej razvitih orodij.
Fizična lokacija podatkov
All the data storage, processing and backups are stored on privately owned hardware, privately managed end intrastructure and - unless the client is located elsewhere - only on the slovenian networks.
Hosting and maintenance is performed by Aljaž Starc. In case of any issues find the contact on the personal web page.